Live with Nature

Our mission at NaturalHome is to offer uniqueness and options in hardwood flooring. While that might seem simple in theory, a hardwood floor should be so much more than a flooring surface.  It is a means to express yourself (like an artist) to present your specific design statement.  Your canvas should start here with NaturalHome because we offer so many options to assist you in your masterpiece. Our hardwoods were chosen for their striking radiant colors and handsome graining and will reflect your taste, your spirit and your style. Choose from our textured floors, domestic smooth floors or exotic smooth floors.


For textured floors, we offer an assortment of various wood treatments from hand scraping, wire-brushing, smoking, distressing, low gloss and much more to meet your hardwood flooring imagination in our Cottage, Brownstone, Lodge, Carriage House, Heim, Chalet and Loft product families.  These families offer beautiful hardwood species with surface texturing that detail the beauty and graining of our hardwood floors.


For domestic smooth surfaced hardwood floors like Oak, Hickory, Maple and others, you can chose from our Victorian.  Using the beauty of American grown hardwoods, Victorian combine the strength and durability of America’s forests to offer the highest quality of prefinished flooring available in the most popular domestic species. Grown, harvested, manufactured and finished in the United States of America, these product families will stand the test of time and show your true American spirit.


For exotic smooth surfaced hardwood floors like Brazilian Cherry, African Mahogany and many others, NaturalHome brings a unique international flavor to your design palette with its versatile Villa.  We produce some of the finest exotic wood flooring in the world.  These beautiful wood species are selectively harvested from the western regions of Africa, the tropical areas in Northern Brazil, and other locales known for the beauty and quality of their hardwoods.


Your selection process will involve more than just color and style. You will need to team your aesthetical selection with the right application in your home or project.  A qualified NaturalHome retail dealer can help you through the selection process in more detail. 


Our Engineered Wood Flooring products afford you the flexibility to glue down directly over existing concrete or staple down over existing plywood sub floors. Our engineered (or cross-ply constructed) floors are designed to reduce the natural expansion and contraction of wood, which adds to their appeal to use in basements or regions with significant variations in relative humidity.  All of our engineered wood flooring products offer a structural warranty to give you peace of mind.


* Product photos may vary from actual flooring due to photography reproduction or monitor resolution.

* Product photos and website images are to offer an impression and examples of the appearance of the floor.  The color, grain and character variations shown may vary from actual flooring due to the limitations in the reproduction of photography or the monitor resolutions.